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Couples Counselling

Eric predominately utilizes Relational Life Therapy (RLT) when working with couples. RLT encourages authentic connection in couples through addressing bad behaviours. This is done by rooting out the source of the problem and dissecting how unresolved issues from our past are bleeding into present relationships.

By bringing latent issues to the surface, couples are able to build a new framework to deal with challenges in their relationship. The goal of this framework is to build greater intimacy, accountability, agency and self-worth, so that the previous challenges are addressed through a healthier and more empowering dynamic.


This type of work requires learning as both individuals and as a couple. This requires supporting oneself, and each other, while working through activating moments that are triggered by events in the present but are coloured by latent memories in the past. Authentic connection requires positive self-regard; when holding oneself in high regard is challenging, it is almost impossible to have an intimate and honest relationship.

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